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Life as We Know It

There is so much contrast between how each of us is experiencing this COVID19 shut down. I’m sitting at my breakfast table watching my grandchildren play in the backyard now that the weather has turned spring like here in Flagstaff. I have already placed a grocery...

If Only

Family Camp means different things to different people. For the children, it can mean the company of others whose journey parallels their own. For parents, it can mean the very same thing. But for some, family camp can be a reality check. AZAFAP provides these...

Keeping Track

I have been responsible for the oversight and management of large groups and small groups of employees over the span of my career. Many years ago I coined the term “quirk dynamics” to describe this experience. Diversity in the workplace brings many gifts but it also...

Why am I doing this?

I sat with foster and adoptive parents at AZAFAP’s Family Camp in Prescott a few weeks ago. I’ve been attending Family Camp for about 20 years now. It would be hard to say which part of it I like best but the dance on Saturday night has to be up there. This year it...

The Legacy of Loss

I moved from a large city to a small rural college town 4 years ago.  I have kept busy with grandchildren and building a house. I stay in touch with old friends, now scattered all over the country. I am fortunate to feel close to both of my children.  Finally, I get...

A Hasty Rewrite

I remember a teen I worked with long ago; some people just stay with you forever for lots of different reasons.  (Heads up: This is a pretty dark memory.) I was very young and way in over my head as a therapist at a residential treatment center in a large city. I’ll...

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