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The Legacy of Loss

I moved from a large city to a small rural college town 4 years ago.  I have kept busy with grandchildren and building a house. I stay in touch with old friends, now scattered all over the country. I am fortunate to feel close to both of my children.  Finally, I get...

A Hasty Rewrite

I remember a teen I worked with long ago; some people just stay with you forever for lots of different reasons.  (Heads up: This is a pretty dark memory.) I was very young and way in over my head as a therapist at a residential treatment center in a large city. I’ll...

Busting Our Buttons

Kris Jacober, Linda Bee and Nancy Williams recently went to Las Vegas to bring this home! The work of AZAFAP impressed the folks at NACAC enough to decide to bestow on us this great honor and recognition of all we do. Kinship, Adoptive and Foster Families in Arizona...

Who’s Got Your Back?

I saw a wonderful piece of research the other day out of Harvard (  It followed 456 poor people in Boston from 1939 to 2014 (the Grant Study) 268...

Are you important enough?

The work of a foster parent is so very underestimated. The work of any caregiver is chronically under-valued and under-appreciated but the “work” a foster parent takes on is unique in this regard.  This work is done in one’s own home; there is no retreat...

What’s My Line?

What does love look like for a 3-year-old boy whose mother is in jail? As the Director of Family Support Services, calls like this always came to my desk. Often the inquiry was about the children seen in the Wednesday’s Child segment on Channel 12.  Sometimes, an...

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