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What’s My Line?

What does love look like for a 3-year-old boy whose mother is in jail? As the Director of Family Support Services, calls like this always came to my desk. Often the inquiry was about the children seen in the Wednesday’s Child segment on Channel 12.  Sometimes, an...

Lives Touched

I’m an intermittent reader.  For years I will read voraciously but sometimes I hit dry spells and struggle to get through anything. I try to let myself put books down that haven’t caught my interest or are otherwise disappointing but after reading Lonesome Dove, this...

Fill ‘er up

I remember finally reaching the checkout counter of our neighborhood Blockbuster Video one Saturday evening (I know, I’m dating myself). The place was packed and I had waited at least 20 minutes in line.  People around me were getting very cranky. I told the clerk how...

Father Knows Best

I remember several times when daddy was flat broke. He kept me out of school to parade me before the owner of his favorite liquor store to ask for money to take me to the doctor. With money in hand, he would drive down the street to his second favorite liquor store to...

Closed Doors

I’m moved to explore something I have some personal experience with that I hope will be relevant to you. As I reflect on myself as a mother and as a daughter, it occurs to me that both roles are heavily burdened by expectations; expectations of myself, of my mother...

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