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Kris Jacober, Linda Bee and Nancy Williams recently went to Las Vegas to bring this home! The work of AZAFAP impressed the folks at NACAC enough to decide to bestow on us this great honor and recognition of all we do. Kinship, Adoptive and Foster Families in Arizona have enjoyed to benefits of the many resources provided by their peers associated with AZAFAP:

  • Training
  • Picnics
  • Family Camps
  • Staycation
  • Christmas in July
  • New shoe giveaway
  • Father’s Day Top Golf Tournament
  • Swim event with New Swimsuits and Towels
  • Recycle Your Bicycle
  • Statewide Mutual Support Group Network

Many of you reading this may have been the beneficiary of these many services or have contributed your time and talents to make these happen (probably both)! Take a moment to share in our pride and gratitude for the great things AZAFAP does for the community of families who meet the needs of their wider communities. Welcome to our village!