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The longer this stay at home situation is necessary the more likely our coping mechanisms will get stretched thin. AZAFAP Happy Hour happens every Friday at 9 if you need a friendly face or understanding ear. I host them from the comfort of my couch. Watch your email for the Zoom ID and password. Beverage is your choice.

Since our support groups are on hold for the near future. I am going to use the materials developed to offer monthly training to meet your licensing needs. Watch your email for the Zoom ID and password. Participation will be limited to 20. Certificates will be mailed to you at home. The first will happen on Tuesday, May 26th at 9 pm.  We’ll explore how trauma changes a young child’s brain.

I wonder what this feels like for kids with trauma histories. Does it trigger control issues? Is there a sense that they are trapped? Is the inescapable physical proximity just too much to endure for such a prolonged period of time? What can you do to ease the pressure?

Time alone outside can be helpful. A walk around the block or time at the basketball hoop can offer a way to blow off energy. Any rhythmic activities will help: swinging, dancing, skipping, and jumping rope.

Some of the same self-care strategies you use can be helpful to teens. Deep Breathing, stretching, and meditation all support self-regulation in these stressful times. Predictable schedules are helpful. Silliness when timed well breaks the tense mood. Music is a great way to get the dopamine flowing! Tag team whenever you can to get a break. Most of us are not used to having everyone at home all day. Now is certainly the time to not sweat the small stuff.

Make sure to drink lots of water, minimize sweets and offer lots of fruits and vegetables. Remember, white potatoes are an almost perfect food and such comforts go a long way these days. Chopping vegetables is also a rhythmic activity!

Some families are reporting that all this time together has provided unexpected opportunities to get to know one another better. Kids are learning to cook or pick up a new hobby. Board games and puzzles have helped pass the time. I’m enjoying a new way of eating in vegetarianism now that I have the time to be creative. I hope you have found the pony in all this manure!

Thanks for listening. Take care of yourself.