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Family Connections


Each Spring and Fall, about 500 members get together in a park and enjoy food, activities, prizes and entertainment set up by the pledge class of ASU’s fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi. This special event gives children time to play and parents time to engage with one another.  


Family Camps

Families enjoy 2 days and 2 nights in the cooler weather of three camps located Prescott, Williams, or Mayer, Arizona.  Each camp brings its own unique activity selections that can include canoeing, fishing, ropes course, rock wall climbing, archery, crafts, games, and more.  Families are able to form deeper relationships within their own family and with other families through these fun-filled weekends.


Arizona is hot! What better way to connect with others during those summer months than to go to a nearby resort and have a “staycation”!  Children have all day to play with other children at the waterpark, and parents have all day to relax with other parents and connect in a beautiful atmosphere.  Beautiful resorts in Phoenix and Tucson provide a great atmosphere with lots of water fun!  Dads on one night, and moms on the other night, get together to meet one another and share experiences and resources over provided appetizers.  

Parents Night Out

Parents Night Out events provide a safe space for parents to leave their children for a few hours so they can go and take a break. That break may look like doing the necessary shopping, going to a movie, chatting and sharing with other parents, or eating a quiet dinner without interruptions. Parents always come back with a smile on their face, ready for another day with their children!

Water Safety & Swim

Water safety learning and family fun are lined up for this swim event! Kids have fun and learn how to be safe around water while parents are reminded about the importance of supervision.  Families are able to connect with one another during this splashingly good time.

Fore Family Fun

There is plenty of golf, laughing, and eating during this connections event. Many children from foster care have never experienced a golf club in their hands. While team sports are great, this introduction to golf clubs may spark an interest and result in a child becoming involved in a sport where you compete against yourself, not others. An important bonding time between parents and their kids occurs at this event, and families meet other families with similar interests.

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