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AZAFAP’s Recycle Your Bicycle project collects your used bicycles and refurbishes them to like-new condition and gives them to kids who have experienced foster care in December! Our big collection date is Saturday, August 27th, 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. at 5 locations throughout the valley!https://www.azfamily.com/2022/08/04/recycle-your-bicycle-change-life-child-experiencing-foster-care/

Expanding to Northern Arizona!

We are pleased to expand our Children’s Basic Needs program to the Prescott, Flagstaff and Show Low areas this year.  Family Support Services are available online, and watch for Family Connection events in 2023!


Resources for families during the COVID-19 pandemic

Arizona Tax Credit

Your donation of up to $1,000 for a couple filing jointly or $500 for a single tax filer may qualify for the Arizona Foster Care Qualifying Organization Tax Credit.


What We Believe

The Arizona Association for Foster and Adoptive Parents was founded in 2003 to serve the foster, adoptive and kinship families who care for  Arizona’s most vulnerable children. We are all volunteers, and all foster and adoptive parents.

We believe there is strength in numbers, and in speaking with one voice for Arizona’s foster and adoptive families. Please join us and help to make all of us stronger and better in our service to the children in Arizona!

Listen Online

Be Kind Always

Listen to this Be Kind Always podcast with our Executive Director, Nancy Williams, and host, Charlie Huero, to learn about how the association embraces and supports families who love children from Arizona’s foster care system.  AZAFAP has 4 main program areas that include great connection events like picnics and family camps, engaging parent training and child development opportunities, and exciting gifting of new shoes for school and holiday gifts.  Many resources are mentioned as well as information about how to help kids in foster care.  Learn how to get involved!

Help Us today!

Your donations go toward serving the foster, adoptive and kinship families who care for Arizona’s most vulnerable children.

You can donate until April 15, 2022 for your
2021 tax year credit!


AZAFAP invites all foster, adoptive and kinship families in Arizona to join our Association for FREE.

Premier memberships, that include extra member benefits, are available per couple or individual membership.

Our Mission

Working in partnership with child welfare professionals and the community, our purpose is to support, educate, empower and provide a unified voice for Arizona’s foster and adoptive families, with the goal of increasing the well-being and stability of Arizona’s most vulnerable children.


Holiday Toy & Bike Gifts

School Shoe Event

Family Picnic

Family Camp



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