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Your donation of up to $1,000 for a couple filing jointly or $500 for a single tax filer may qualify for the Arizona Foster Care Qualifying Organization Tax Credit.


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What We Believe

The Arizona Association for Foster and Adoptive Parents was founded in 2003 to serve the foster, adoptive and kinship families who care for  Arizona’s most vulnerable children. We are all volunteers, and all foster and adoptive parents.

We believe there is strength in numbers, and in speaking with one voice for Arizona’s foster and adoptive families. Please join us and help to make all of us stronger and better in our service to the children in Arizona!

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Your donations go toward serving the foster, adoptive and kinship families who care for Arizona’s most vulnerable children.

You can donate until May 17th for your
2020 tax year credit!


AZAFAP invites all foster, adoptive and kinship families in Arizona to join our Association for FREE.

Premier memberships, that include extra member benefits, are available per couple or individual membership.


Working in partnership with child welfare professionals and the community, our purpose is to support, educate, empower and provide a unified voice for Arizona’s foster and adoptive families, with the goal of increasing the well-being and stability of Arizona’s most vulnerable children.


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Hope for the best, prepare for the worst!; Anticipatory Grief 101

We are into this pandemic for over a year. I hope you are able to get vaccinated. So many of us have health issues that prevent us from getting vaccinations; it is up to the rest of us to do what we can to achieve herd immunity. I had no problems with the first...

Creative Problem Solving

When I’m not annoyed, irritable, distracted, angry, hungry, or otherwise dysregulated, it is pretty cool what my neocortex can come up with in the way of creative responses to the children in my care. I’ll share an old, favorite story then another, less productive but...

Friendly Reminders; Navigating the system 101

On a recent call, an AZAFAP foster mom shared that the three girls who have lived with her for 3 years (one since birth) are being considered for reunification.  She was being a trooper, but anger and frustration were her go-to feeling states. As we listened to her...

Changes, Some Small, Some Huge; Celebration Parenting 101

Changes, Some Small, Some Huge Part of what you do as a parent to a child with a history of chronic trauma is celebrate small changes. Sometimes you must journal behavioral observations to even recognize those changes. It is very confusing when the progress you saw...

Come Hither, Go Away; Fear of intimacy in trauma history 101

I remember a 15-year-old girl and her mother. I always held family therapy with everyone in the same room. Some of my colleagues thought I was crazy to try to manage such a dynamic group of people in various types of pain, but I love a challenge.  In our next...

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