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Your Self-Regulation Tool Chest

I love it when someone trusts me enough to ask for what they want! My mind reading ain’t what it used to be… Maybe it’s just me but when you were a kid, do you remember thinking that grown-ups knew how to handle everything? Little did I know that, as an...

Be Gentle with Yourself

It is hard to ignore what this pandemic means to me and my family. Certainly, it has changed how we shop for groceries (delivery or curb pick up), how we attend school (Nana as on-line co-teacher but offering no recess with classmates), and how we celebrate (socially...

Invisible Puzzle Pieces

The other day my grandson, Max, 4, said, “Nana, when are we going to the Show and Tell House?” We were in the car on the way to Oak Creek Canyon for a change of scenery, beach towels and floaties at the ready.  Max was once enrolled in a preschool class so the...

AZAFAP Virtual Picnic

Premier Members enjoyed the azafap virtual picnic event state-wide at the end of July! Families received a certificate for a free meal for each member of the family. Kids meals came complete with a fire hat! Many families joined the virtual Zoom picnic...

When Trust isn’t a 2-Way Street

I’m thinking a lot about what it means to have a traumatized teen enter my home. I’ve told him that in this home we don’t have sex with kids or hit them.  I’ve told him the household routines he can expect. I’ve made sure that coming to my home was his choice, not...

Whose Journey is this?

Off my chest Whose journey is this? Who is the traveler and who are the attendants on their journey? We have a responsibility not only to these hurting children and their families but also to the systems and institutions that contributed to their marginalization and...

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