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Caring for Caregivers

AZAFAP Basic and Premier Members may qualify for counseling sessions in this project made possible by a generous grant provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation.  The service is available to foster, kinship and adoptive parents who do not have insurance that covers counseling.  Click here to find out more and apply!


Parent Mentor Partners

Evidence suggests peer mentoring is one way to sustain foster parents, reduce burnout, and improve foster parent retention. Information sharing is critical for foster parents and promotes confidence and skills necessary to take care of children placed in homes.

AZAFAP has trained volunteer parents as mentors who are ready to help support foster, kinship and adoptive parents through one-to-one conversations.

To request a Parent Mentor Partner, please complete this form.


Parent Training

Topics related to the care of children who come from state custody are pertinent to healthy parent-child and family relationships. Strategies that can be utilized right away are emphasized in these courses.  Currently, courses are provided in an online format.

Foster parents who are continuing their license are required to earn a specific number of hours per year of training in order to renew.

Kinship and adoptive parents will also find the need to develop their skills for parenting their children as they grow into the different developmental stages.


Online Support Chats

It is important for parents to have a safe environment to share with one another the successes and challenges that they face in their home when parenting children impacted by trauma and foster care.  Weekly Chats are hosted by facilitators online so parents can connect with other caregivers while the kids are in school or after kids are in bed!

Advanced Training Series

With a requirement of at least 6 hours of training annually for foster parents, we offer parents a  6 week training series (2 hours per week)  focusing on the Neurosequential Model for Caregiving by Dr. Bruce Perry.  The Neurosequential Model is a developmentally informed, biologically respectful approach to working with at-risk children.  It is an approach that integrates core principles of neurodevelopment and traumatology to inform work with children, families and the communities in which they live.

The training is facilitated by a certified trainer, Cathy Tompkins.

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